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Arabic translation services

With approximately 184 million internet users in Arabic speaking countries, Arabic should be included in your international strategy

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Using professional Arabic translation services guarantees accuracy and quality that you won’t get by using free translation tools.

ALM Translations provides professional Arabic to English/English to Arabic translations to businesses all over the world.

In 2017, there were approximately 184 million internet users in Arabic speaking countries, and this continues to increase. When reaching out to potential customers and businesses in these markets, Arabic translation services will be appreciated but need to be done correctly, with cultural considerations. Make a good impression and make a positive difference to your customer experience!

How do you know that our translations are accurate and of professional quality, and why does it matter?

Professional-quality documents will give you the edge, in any language. ALM Translations uses qualified professional human translators who translate to Arabic and who are highly skilled experts in their field. The United Arab Emirates is now among Britain’s top 10 export partners, and Arabic is fast becoming one of the most globally translated languages. The UAE is renowned for industry sectors including mining iron and steel, manufacturing, construction, automotive and supply chains, real estate, tourism and retail.

Our ISO17100 – translation management standard also covers Arabic translations with secondary revision. Recommended for high-visibility and publicity documentation.

What do we translate into and from Arabic?

Our Vendor Management team has recruited some of the best mother-tongue translators over many years, and ALM can offer expert Arabic translation services across a wide range of subject areas.

Technical documentation

  • Technical Manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Software
  • User guides
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Construction Manuals
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Analytical testing reports

Legal and regulatory documents 

Legal translations go through an additional revision step before delivery back to you because of the potential consequences of errors.

  • Court documents
  • Employment Contracts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • HR documents
  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • Insurance documents
  • Annual reports


Arabic is spoken as a first language by an estimated 240 million people. Modern Standard Arabic is an official language in 27 states. Reaching your customers in their own language is the key to business success.

  • Online and offline marketing documents
  • Websites
  • Social media posts
  • Landing pages
  • Branding campaigns

Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, and translating into Arabic in with a professional translation company is the best way to communicate with your target audience.

Case study

We recently worked on a large project that involved collecting photos of packaging labels to train an AI platform to recognise letters and words written in different fonts and alphabets and translate them accurately. The task required vast amounts of data being fed into the program so that it would be effective and useful. Both our in-house teams and external translators were used resulting in a highly successful outcome.

Are you buying the right service?

You may require translation for information only, or you may need a secondary review, copy editing or even copywriting if your information is to be published. Did you also know that we do more than translations at ALM? We also offer subtitling, voice-overs, transcription services, proofreading, editing and transcreation. You can find out more about our service offers by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a quote, we will work with you to provide the most cost-effective solution. Experienced PMs will offer best workflow, including cost savings where possible and faster delivery times if needed.

Getting in touch with us is easy! Contact ALM Translations to find out how you can engage with your customers and grow your business in a global market.


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