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French Translation Services

A translation company for marketing materials and technical manuals translations into and out of French

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ALM Translations provides professional French to English/English to French translation services to businesses all over the world.

French is the second most commonly used language in the European Union, with English being the first. Therefore, relying on a professional translation company with extensive knowledge of translating documents from and into French is essential when doing business.


There are approximately 265 million French speakers worldwide. It is spoken in Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Quebec and many northern and Central African countries. With such a large global reach, we regularly translate all types of documents into and from French.

How do you know that our translations are accurate and of professional quality and why does it matter?

French is in high demand. Between 2017 and 2018, it ranked as number one on ALM’s list of the top 10 languages translated. This is one of our most requested languages and projects come from a wide range of sectors. ALM has its own inhouse review team that takes care of the final quality of translations into and from French. We also have an experienced team of professional translators and us the latest translation technology. This enables us to offer you competitive prices within every tight deadline without compromising on quality.

French translations with secondary revision are covered by ISO17100 – the translation management standard.

What do we translate into and from French?

Technical documentation, including technical marketing collateral and legal translations, are at the forefront of what we translate into and from French. As an official language service provider for Peugeot since 2002, we have built an enduring and cooperative partnership.

There aren’t many technical documents that we haven’t encountered over the years. You can rely on us to translate:

  • Technical specifications
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical manuals
  • Software
  • User guides
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Construction manuals
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Analytical testing reports

Legal and regulatory documents: 

Legal translations go through an additional revision step prior to delivery back to you because of the potential consequences of errors.

  • Court documents
  • Employment contracts
  • Terms & Conditions
  • HR documents
  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • Insurance documents
  • Annual reports


Reaching your customers in their own language is the key to business success.

  • Websites
  • Social media posts
  • Content creation
  • Landing pages
  • Online and offline marketing content
  • Branding campaigns
  • SEO services

French is a romance language, which evolved from the dialects that were spoken in northern France. It is classed as an official language in 29 countries, making it one of the top 3 most useful business languages. Make sure your message comes across naturally and eloquently. We can localise French documents for use in different French-speaking countries and territories across the world.

Case studies/examples of work we have done in this language.

It’s always good to see case studies so you can see how our translations have helped clients. We are an approved language provider for PSA, providing them with translations of marketing materials, marketing collateral, after-sales and diagnostic software translations, among others. We have also compiled a comprehensive glossary of terms over many years, for use with their translations.

When Peugeot approached us, they had a variety of translation requirements, but mainly French to English translation services. They had multiple systems in place, inconsistent translations carried out by a mix of native and non-native speaking translators. There were also many different contacts within the company delivering a varied range of translations, covering technical (diagnostic, recalls), PR(new product launches, press releases) and e-learning documentation. They had their own in-house translator who translated all the technical documentation manually and updated the documents from a historic library of data.


Once we took the task of streamlining the translation process for Peugeot’s many departments, the company was able to make cost savings; in the region of 35% across the company to date. ALM Translations has also integrated the company’s translation requirements into its own in-house department. This has saved the client both time and money and ensured a much higher level of consistent quality than that in place beforehand.

For a more detailed look into this case study, click here.

Are you buying the right service?

We ensure that you get the maximum value for money with our 3 different service offers.

Translations are essential for a whole host of different reasons. To ensure your expectations are met, we offer 3 different options, based on your document’s intended use. Read more about service levels here.

Need more than just a translation? We offer a lot of other language-related services to complement our translations, like ad hoc and conference interpreting, videos and voice-overs, transcription services, subtitling, telephone interpreting, telemarketing, proof-reading and editing, and transportation. Professionally translated documents will give your company a competitive edge and will help to build sound business relationships with your customers.

Translations are the perfect communication and marketing tools. Contact us to find out about our range of services and how we can help make your translations work for you.


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