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Japanese Translation Services

As the third largest economy - Japanese is a must for businesses

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Japanese is spoken by 127 million people in Japan, but is also spoken in other countries such as China, Taiwan and Korea. Interestingly, it is the second most widely spoken language in Brazil. That’s a huge potential target market! Even though English is reasonably widely spoken in Japan, Japanese is still the main business language. This is why it makes sense to use a professional human translator for all your Japanese translation requirements.

A bit about the language

Due to the lack of pre-historical information available and despite many possible theories, the linguistic lineage of Japanese is obscure, with linguists unable to agree on the roots of the language. An East Asian language, more specifically, from the Japonic family, there is very little else known of its origin.

The key industries

Service industries are among the major sectors in Japan, along with power generation equipment, the automotive industry, scientific equipment and life sciences. Due to the shrinking domestic market, Japanese companies are looking to enter overseas markets and to collaborate with companies offering training, project management, finance and consultancy.

Japan is the world’s third largest economy and is famous for being Asia’s high-tech powerhouse. With an increasingly globalised outlook and consumers with relatively high levels of disposable income, Japan is a key target market for many companies in English-speaking countries.

About ALM Translations

ALM Translations’ two directors formerly worked for a Japanese company and brought their talents to ALM Translations in 2002. ALM Translations works with expert translators in various fields of industry, including all aspects of manufacturing, life sciences, medicine and medical devices, engineering and electronics, finance and legal, among others.

Culture and customs have to be taken into consideration. Business etiquette in Japan is still fairly strict, although communication is easier now and business culture is changing.

Developing and maintaining relationships with Japanese companies requires a strategic approach. This will not usually happen overnight. ALM Translations’ expert translators have a deep understanding of Japanese business culture, essential when targeting customers and businesses in Japan.

Japanese consumers and businesses are far more likely to buy in their own language. It is therefore an advantage to have websites, manuals and other business documentation translated into Japanese. With its expertise, ALM Translations can help you to get the best return on investment and help you to achieve your aim. Whether it’s to achieve more sales, communicate more effectively or compete on a level playing field with companies based in Japan, ALM can help. 

A tailored translation solution

ALM Translations offers three levels of service to cover all of your Japanese translation requirements. Standard translation is for information only, translation with secondary review is best for documents for publication and translation and copywriting (transcreation) is advisable for marketing materials.

Translation services include translation, ad hoc and conference interpreting, videos and voice-overs, transcription services, subtitling, telephone interpreting, telemarketing, proofreading and editing and transcreation.

A professional Japanese translation service will help build and maintain business relationships with your Japanese customers.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you engage with your customers and grow your business in a global market.


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